This is my testimony.

Greetings and salutations!

How was your day?

Today was wonderful for me, to say the least. I realised many things that God did for me. Many things I have failed to see for the past few days. Many wonderful things that God created. This, will be my testimony for God.

I am but a servant of God. I fight for many things. I will fight for my family, my friends, my church, my schoolmates, my juniors, my seniors, my NPCC batch mates, my ex girlfriend Trina, people that love me, people that hate me, people that knows me well, people that knows my name, people that do not know me. And you, who is reading this very sentence. I will fight.

And the strength needed to fight, comes from God. It is but a simple truth. Everything is in His hands. I have learnt that worrying do not help. Praying does. Panicking does not help. Praying does. One does not simply just trust in God, I know that. It is human nature, sin that pulls you away from God.

But God will never give up on you either, even when if you have given up. God still knows that each and everyone of us can be saved, can be called up to do great things for His glory. And you can do it as well.

Many things happened. I myself is only 17 of age. But just because we are young, it does not mean that we are unable. It means that we have the fire of youth, the energy and passion. And because of that, we should do even more things for God, the capability to rise up and do what we are supposed to do.

God will teach us lessons in life, many things for us to learn and improve and grow. Without hardships, you can never grow. And even if the current struggle you face seem to be so overwhelming, do not give up. If God gave you a test, He gave it to you because He knows that you have the strength to endure. And when you passed each test, God will be pleased. And each test will teach you different things, different topics. And this is where your spiritual growth comes in. With each height that you ascend, the view is clearer, but the next step will be even higher. Do not ever give up. The peak may not be seen, but it doesn’t mean that you will never ever get there.

And God really did many things for me. He had created many miracles for someone as useless as me. And with each passing hardship, we learn to  be better. And when we finally are called to do what we need to do, only then will we have the strength to fulfill our calling.

The Lord has been good to me. At least I have a family, an education, enough food, clothes, shelter and friends. And now, I will slowly give back to the community. And all it takes is to take the first step.

I am going to go for Hair For Hope. It is an annual event in which participants undergo the shaving of their heads in support of cancer patients. I believe that it is a cause that we should be supporting. If you do not know, I do have quite a length of hair, almost resembling that of a lion’s mane. But I do believe that the cause is a worthy one. Please do make a donation towards the cause, even if it’s just a dollar, or a few cents, it can make a big difference in someone’s life. This is the link, if you would like to donate to support me. Every cent will be appreciated by them.

It is the simple act of giving back that changes the world.

God bless.




Jolynn did something for me that I doubt I will ever forget it in my life.

It is on the issue of relationships.

And it is a good reminder, it reminded me of what I am supposed to be doing, what should I be concentrating on. If we are to meet people that we would be together with, then they must be people that we can spend the rest of our lives with.

If one gets into a relationship not to end up together, but for other reasons, then by all ways the relationship is a mistake itself.

To meet godly people, then we must be focused on God. Not focusing on God just to meet that person, but rather while focusing on God, we get chances to meet people. It is a chance. We all have the ultimate gift from God.

The gift of free will.

It is a simple but yet effective reminder for me. That all things happen by His hand and for a reason. And for that reason I know that all things will come to pass, that temporal gratification is but temporal. To work for the greater glory of His kingdom, that shall always be my main priority. So, girl, if you are reading this, know that I will keep you in my prayers. You will always be my friend, no matter what.

The person should be so lost in God, that the only way to meet her is to seek God.

And now, it’s 11:21 pm. Or 0021 KST. So, maybe you won’t know her, but I would like to wish Seo JuHyun a very happy birthday. One of my motivation to work  harder. Fighting! ♥

God bless!♥


Hey there!

On my way to TP now! Only 2 hours lesson, iHCI.

Last night. Many things were in my head, but its a pity that I forgotten a lot of it.

I was reminded that many things don’t go as planned. And that the many problems faced cannot be simply solved in just a snap of the finger. But many problems are solved only if the first step is taken.

And that’s the problem. First step.

Whether is it church cohesion or welcoming newcomers, everything requires the first step.

The need is strong, the need to do something about the situations everyday. We have to be united. Not just within a church, but as a community itself. Christianity shouldn’t be just restrained to the 4 walls of the church. It should be brought out and applied to daily life. What good is it to be grounded in the Holy Spirit but yet not living or sharing it?

To be the very testimonies ourselves. To show the world what God did for us, that in itself is already doing something for God. As said, if God is 1st, why should we hesitate to do things for him?

If we know the problem, then if we still do not do anything about it, then it is just nothingness.

Life is simple, but who made it complicated?

God bless.

Watch this space!


This is quite late for me. I should be sleeping! So, I will sleep now!

Today, Tuesday, was a long day for me! There are many things weighing on my mind. Many of which are critical issues. So stay tuned, I will type everything out tomorrow!

Goodnights, and God bless!

Our lives are mere shadows.


I’m at ITAS now! Quantitative Analysis lecture is cancelled, so coming here while waiting for time to pass~

And pep was great. The Word today was about living life for a purpose.

1 Chronicles 29:12-19

Riches and glory come from you,

you’re ruler over all;

You hold strength and power in the palm of your hand to build up and strengthen all.

And here we are, O God, our God, giving thanks to you, praising your splendid Name.

That’s not the entire 12-19, it’s very wordy actually.

So, today was about worship. What does worship mean to everyone of us? Worship is coming to God with a sacrifice. So when we worship God, what do we give? We always sing in worship, about giving God, lifting Him up. But what do we give?

Many things exist in our life, that will separate us from God. So much so that we value these things more than the importance we place on God. Yet are we ever able to put those things down? To be able to put down, we need faith and obedience. A perfect example is in Genesis. The first time the Bible mentions ‘worship’ is in Genesis 22. Abraham and Isaac. Faith to trust God. Obedience to keep yourself in line.

And we need a focused and uncluttered heart. And what does it mean to have an uncluttered and focused heart? To me, it means that we have our priorities in the correct place. what is important to us, what is not as important. And to do that, we need to know what is our primary goal in life. What is your goal in life then? What do you want to achieve in life?

Society is very real. What are the things that you place importance on? It might not be the same things that society place importance on. And yet, if God is first in your life, why would we even hesitate to do things?

This point is very critical. If God is really first in your life, do not hesitate. Rise up to answer your calling. Do things for God, be proud of what you can achieve.

Because when God calls you, will you answer the call? Or will you be grasped by hesitance?

God bless.

26 June.


On the bus to TP now!

I tried sending you a message. Seems like you received it, but you ain’t go any comments.

Fine by me, cus I don’t need you to appreciate it or acknowledge it though. Its just a motion, its up to you to reciprocate. If you can’t be bothered, that’s perfectly alright with me. I need to do one last thing though. Maybe tonight? Probably will put a password on it.

Going to have pep20 later at sugarloaf! Can’t remember where it is so got to look around I guess. Today will be a long day, meeting people for dinner afterwards. Update more later!

Hope your day is fruitful!

God bless.



Currently at ITAS now, just finished BPM lab lesson.

There’s people happy, there’s people sad. Mostly with regards to studies, whether is it academic progress, or undone projects.

Me. I feel terrible now, to be honest. Not for the any of the aforementioned reasons though. I don’t know what word exist in my vocabulary that can express my feelings now. A single word isn’t enough.

I’m getting many discouraging feedback, mostly from my classmates ( well done ), some just asking me to just drop the project altogether.

It is a long way to my target. But, I think it really will take a lot more than all this to convince me to drop the project.

They ask me why do I do it? I mean, some say that it will go unappreciated anyway.

Point is, I just want to make an effort. It will be my last try I guess. I don’t want any results. I just want to do it and that will be the end of it forever.

Sketchy topic for me I guess. It never fails to bring out the lashing side of me.

They were talking about eye candy just now. I saw my eye candy too, but it was a slight 5 seconds of awkwardness, just me staring at you and you staring at me. But, I didn’t even register that you were there. If I did, I should have waved or said hi. Just some form of recognition I guess.

There. I’m going crazy again. Sometimes, I think that my personality is too mercurial even for me. So much so that I can suspect my own sanity even.

I don’t know what to do now. The trustworthiness of others are steadily declining. It is getting harder and harder to trust others now. Society is uglier than a second ago. I’m sure many can agree with me.

I know for sure that the people in my church, those in the pep group, my secondary school clique and the friends I’ve known through Damian, only these few groups of people can be trusted indefinitely. My class? Tell me about it.

The smarter people are, the more devious they can get.

God bless.