Does it matter …

Does it matter if others were to judge you? Society is cruel and self contradictory. They ask that you live as yourself and yet they will judge you for who you are. Thing is, we as humans will judge others, subconsciously or consciously. Only some have no way to control their expression. Truth is, when you do things that others dislike, more likely would you garner their attention and judgement. Would you rather judge someone who is making a din in the library, or would you instead judge someone who is helping others? Humans tend to remember the bad things, as compared to remembering the good deeds. And you don’t even need to commit a crime for the world to judge you. Just be yourself, that’s it. It’s enough to cause others to think all sorts of things about. But this is where you make a choice. To conform yourself to silly rules and trends, just so that you will be temporarily spared of judgement, or to stand up for what you know to be right, to be true and not because it’s easy, to live life the correct way? We live in this world, but it does not mean that we have to do everything that others do. If everyone is taking drugs, so will it be acceptable to follow suit? Two wrongs does not make one right. And while we wait for the day when the only person who has to right to judge us, – God – to judge us, pray that the world will be able to shake off the grasp of sin.


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