Another day ends.

So this is it. The end of day 2. What have I accomplished? Am I  closer to forgetting you? No. No way. Why? Why can’t you just leave my head? If you don’t want a part in my life, then please leave my mind alone.. Cus even when I type this, all I am thinking of is you. Your smile. The smell of your hair. The colour of your bag. The warmth of you. The tones of your laughter. Your voice. The way you look at me. The way you call me a name no one else can call as meaningfully. Just, everything about you, and me, and us.

There’s 2 papers tomorrow, and I’m still doing this, after reaching home shortly, from pool. I’m screwed, I know. It’s business modules and it’s just so dry for me.

Funny how I always detest business things from young and here I am, taking a course that is an IIT and Business hybrid. I don’t like it. It’s tying me down, so limited in expressions. The time is almost here for us to pick our CDS ( Cross-Disciplinary Subjects ) and I can’t wait for it. Maybe pick psychology or something based on design? At least something that I’m interested in. Some sanity is good.

Reminds me of the talk with Jolynn during pep today. About the education system and economy system. About being the jack of all trades or specialising in something. Too tired to type everything out, so hah, too bad. Next time maybe!

Very tired and sleepy. You’re still in my head after 48 hours. Why? Too tired to think and question myself. Paper at 10am tomorrow, sigh. Going sleep soon? Oh well.

Just because you can’t see the stars in the day doesn’t mean it’s not there. It has always been there, only out of plain sight.

Keep your faith, we’re one day better than yesterday.

God bless.


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