This is me.

And this is the end of day 1.

How fast time flies, and I mean it’s only been a day.

Wonder if you’re asleep now, what dreams do you have?

Me, I dream about you almost all the day. And I miss you so so much still. Today has been hard fought for me. Not the paper, but me trying to live a life without you in it. I miss you so, my sweet honey. That reminds me of my song for you. Oh well, when Jaslyn brings me to Yamaha to get my new string, I’ll be able to play properly again, maybe continuing writing the song for you, even if it means that you might never get to hear it. No, it’s still possible I guess..

And now my hand stinks. Just changed the turtle’s water, yup and at this timing too. That small little guy, hah. But his life is more carefree than mine, who am I to say? He just have to eat and sleep. Me? I have many things to do. But while God lends me His strength and endurance, from where does the turtle draw his? The food sticks maybe?

And now, I think about you even more. For all the days that we have, and we, maybe, will still have.

For the days that numbers me and you is just a gauge, the actual value is me and you, and love.

God bless.


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