Okay. So I’m at school now, just finished my FBIS paper. Hah. Not about that. Something else.

Just chilling here, when I saw something on Facebook. This link.

Seriously? So when you’re taking public transport, you are traveling with peasantry? Oh, so you’re some royal noble, right? Hah, as if. What year do you live in now? Medieval times? Seriously. Common people? Yeah, maybe, still acceptable I guess. Peasantry? Really? So just because you’re rich, makes you royalty and other peasantry? While we may be the peasants, you’re the one living in poverty. Hello, you’re living in a community. Think about others whatever you like, but seriously? Calling others peasants? What does it make you? So you think money is everything? You’re really blind. There’s many rich people out there, but it doesn’t make the others peasants, so what makes you think that you can? Oh so you don’t like taking trains? What are you? You earn more money, you’re better? Well, let me say this. Money don’t drop from the sky. You work for it. And without those “peasants’, you get money? People like you, are exactly the reason why we are in need of help. God bless him, save him, help him.

Decent people are saved by their righteousness, but treacherous people are trapped by their own greed. Proverbs 11:6

God bless this world.


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