2217, 070612

Many things went on today.

Marketing paper today. How was it? I don’t know. To me it’s quite interesting, not too bad. Some say that it’s terrible, lack of time maybe? So have to write faster!

And I just reached home. And tomorrow is my last paper, introduction to human computer interaction – iHCI~ After that, there’s the maggie mee cooking competition at church! Really curious to see what everyone had whipped up! Talking about food just makes me hungry hungry.

Well okay. Enough about random stuff.

Saw this today.


I don’t know about what others feel. But some really rage over this. But hey, give the man some way. He have his ‘reasons’.


So maybe he does have a few medical issues. So, what do you think? Maybe what he did was unforgivable, but think about it. Did you leave a life without errors? We all makes mistakes, so maybe show him some forgiveness?

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

God bless.


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