Do you have a dream?

The end of yet another day. Day 3.

Wasn’t very good. Told Moses about me and you though. At least she supports the wordpress, like Xin Ying. I really want to make a difference.

Have you ever had a dream? That sounds crazy, impossible to achieve, yet you want to do it so so badly? Yeah, I have one. And I’m working towards it.

Look at everyone. Yes, look, literally. Do you like every single person in your life? Not everyone. Why not? Do they do things to you? Their behavior? Truth is, we can never get together well, every single person. There’s bound to be friction, definite. And see, what do you think of the current generation? People enjoy all the partying and alcohol and sex and drugs. It’s the 21st century, they said. Be open, they said. Well, to this extent? That you can do all sorts of crazy things? Youth come by once, and so does your life. Many years down the road, would you look back and think,’ Hey, that party then was great,’ or ‘Wow, crazy drugs huh,’? Do you want to spend your years doing stupid things? Are you going to conform to retarded rules? Peer pressure and negative influence is a devil. One wrong step and there goes everything. You can say that you can always repent, or you only live once (YOLO). But the thing is, what if it went wrong? Too much? And it’s goes over, bam, your life is gone. Do you want to do that?

I believe that what we need, and all that we need is God. Sure, you can argue all your science things, and all that. But science will never be able to prove God’s existence, because the Lord is above all that, and He did not intend to let us prove creation, but let us discover it. Cus not all things are meant to be proven. Like truth. You cannot create truths, you can only create lies. Why? The truth is there, all along. If you don’t discover it, it will only be distorted. Truth is but a shared perception. So, what do you think? What I think is simple.

  1. We need God.
  2. Only He can help save this world.
  3. Our world is broken beyond repair, we cannot fix it on our own.

I want to change the world, for the better. God, use me. Use me to spread Your word, for the good of all mankind, and for the glory of Your heavenly kingdom.

And this is my dream.

God bless,



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