So ends day 6, or what’s left of it.

I can slowly feel myself putting you down. I’ll always miss you badly, but I learnt that we have to move on, to the next phrase in life, meet new people, achieve greater things. No matter what changes, there’s always people you can count on, new friends or old. And there’s always the unchanging almighty God. While you will always be a big part of my life, it is sad to say that, that part is now over. Always keep moving on.

And I’m still waiting for bus. Leg muscles hurt like mad, slightly ssore throat from screaming during dota 2 just now.

Its great being out at night this time all alone with just some music. Its a great way for me to think.

But maybe I think too much at times.

Permit me to say this to you one last time in this life.

I love you.


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