This is my prayer.


I’m still stuck in TP by myself. Waiting for people, going to watch Snow white and the Huntsman later.

It’s taking very long.

And they’re doing some construction work. All the drilling and knocking and sawing and noises and all is getting to me. Really irritating.

I don’t get a few things. Like how I am in the same campus, same school as a few people. The world is really small, and Singapore is even smaller than that.

I believe that there’s a reason why, though. God must have meant things for us. Not in a romantic way, no way. But rather, for something I’m trying to achieve since very long time ago.

I believe it is for me to tell you, and everyone around me, about this God who loves you more than anyone else ever can. I don’t know how I will go about doing it. One way or another, I believe it will happen. This is my deep-seated faith. Maybe next time we have CE, and we do see you, well… Let’s just say I will try to treat you like the stranger you want me to be.

There are many things I’ve yet to do, many people who have yet to know You. It will take almost all of my strength and ability to achieve them, maybe even never achieve it in the time I will spend on Earth.

Now that you have entered my perspective properly, I realised that it was, really, a misunderstanding back then. Perhaps if we didn’t rush into it, we might still be good friends. You are a good friend, nonetheless, that I give you. But perhaps also a friend whom I am destined to lose forever.

The saying – If two lovers could still be friends after they ended, it just means that they were never in love, or still were – seems to be true. You, and her. It seems to be the same. Even the ending seems to be similar. But I know who I loved more, I am clear.

And no matter the obstacles, the adversities, the troubles, the problems, the difficulties, the daunting tasks ahead, I will achieve what I have set out to do, for I have faith in God.

Count on it.


2 thoughts on “This is my prayer.

    1. But I believe that we should always have hardships, that way we can always grow. And I pray that you’ll have the strength to endure through your own hardships my friend.

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