What is right, what is wrong?

Hello again.

This is my third post today. Seems like I’ve posted a lot today.

I am tired, really really tired. I mean, physically. I feel as if my muscles are still roughed up. Thank God there’s nothing on tomorrow, just a day for me to rest.

If you ever noticed something about this WordPress of mine, it’s that I don’t like to use media. Media as in pictures, videos, photos and sounds. I think they just take time to load more data and stuff. Words can paint pictures that eyes cannot see, play sounds that ears cannot hear. So personally, and it suits my writing style, I feel that words alone is more than enough to convey what I want to speak.

I don’t know what you feel, but I feel that people nowadays are pretty hypocritical. There’s a saying. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Yet there is another saying. Only a fool do not judge by appearances.

So what do you think? Many things crosses themselves out. It’s like society asking you to be yourself, and then, they judge you. So?

Just be yourself. Ignore the judgement of others. After all, is it important that everyone likes you? No, definitely not. It’s impossible to live a life without making others dislike you for a few things. So, have the attitude, of doing things that are right, not because it is cool, and definitely not because it is easy.

In a world whereby nothing is a definite black or a definite white, but just a mumble jumble of grey, it is even more important to give yourself that touch of brilliance uniquely yours.

God bless.


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