To my dear friend.

Day 10.

I was just flipping through my previous post. And I was reminded of something.

So this post, is for you, Mo, or Eileen. Hope you see it. Even if you don’t, I’ll probably drop you a text for you anyway.

So about the dream.. Let me find the message… Oh, it was a dream. So yup.

She was taking pictures in a car park, when suddenly the sky turned dark, like as if it was going to rain. Then, a crack of lightning broke out, it struck the ground. The lightning transformed into light, which was so beautiful. And then, there He stood. Jesus. He came down.

Everybody there (in the dream) were all kneeling down, she was so scared that she followed suit. Jesus started talking and she thought they were doomed. And Jesus said to change your heart and everyone started repeating it. She then formed a heart shape with a hand, and Jesus returned the gesture. And everyone started to do it too. And soon, He was gone. And everyone got up.

Some little details behind but I don’t think it’s important to include I think?

So a pastor said that God might be sending her a vision, but it’s not simple to tell it apart from a dream. Point is, people do experience this in life and God has a purpose for all of these. The pastor thinks that God is asking her to draw closer to him, and He will open doors, and it will require prayers. To confess to Him about your sins.

That’s pretty much about it.

I think it’s very amazing, I never ever ceased to amaze at the experience itself.

And a little something maybe, about me and this friend of mine.

We knew each other through a really random way. I remember she wasn’t feeling that well and was just letting it out on Twitter. We weren’t really close, just being in the same Chinese class, I know that she’s Eileen and she knows that I’m Cantona. And I just replied to her tweet, asking if she’s alright. I took that one step, and it ended up into a miraculous friendship which God had generously blessed me with.

And now, after so long, after so many months, after so many events, I would like to say thank you to you, Mo, for everything you have done for me. I want to thank God for having a friend as great as you. And I hope that, I can be as good a friend to you as you had been to me.

God bless.


Hope you don’t mind me sharing about it!


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