Would you rise up?

Hey there~

I seem to be losing my marbles, I’m in a good mood now for no reason, hah.

So, just checking in! I see that the views I’m getting nowadays are increasing. That’s a good thing, not because of people getting to know me, but rather, I can use this WordPress even better as a channel for me to show what God did for me, and can do for everyone else.

So, for me, my own walk with God had been a delightful journey thus far. Of course, it wasn’t pleasant through out. Sometimes, one may find themselves losing that faith. I’ve been through that phrase many times, and when we are further away from God, who do you think was the one that moved away?

I know many friends, classmates who are backsliders. That is to say, Christians who are no longer as passionate as they were used to. Many people have their own reasons why. Some might be just lazy, some might be unwillingly restrained.

The thing is, God’s love is something that is amazing. It’s a lot more amazing than what anyone of us have. It’s very much greater, than everything one can ever, will ever have. You can ask King Solomon, if he was still alive. He had everything anybody could ever want. Riches, women, fame, power, influence. You name it, he have it. Even wisdom. Wisdom that everyone wants.

But to him, everything is meaningless. Everything we all did is in vanity.

But to you, is what you are doing right now meaningful to you?

We all find different meanings and purposes in life in many different objects and aspects. So, what bakes your bread?

God bakes my bread. He gives me purpose in this life. He gave me purpose, power and strength to do everything that I have done, and will do. I wouldn’t be typing this right now, if God didn’t gave me that purpose.

He have a different calling, to each and everyone of us. To me, He might have called me to do this. But to you, He might have called you to do something even greater than what anybody did. He might have already told you how to cure cancer. He might have even already told you how to stop global warming. He might have even already told you what you wanted to know.

To each and everyone of us, He gave us our calling.

But you.. Do you answer that call?

Are you daring enough? Do you have what it takes to rise up and do what you are meant to achieve?

When God gives you the capability and ability to achieve greatness, are you able to stand up and accept the offer?

When God knocks on your door, will you receive Him with open arms?

God already have plans, magnificent and grand plans for each and every one of us. It only takes that little to take the first step, for the rest, God will give you that strength you need, to see it through. That one step, is all it takes.

God bless.


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