Day 12.

The end of day 11 is met immediately with the start of day 12.

I’m still thinking about who that person is, the person who commented on the post. You really sounded like her. And if I’m not wrong, you tweeted things that seemed to support the guess that it was actually you. Is it you then? Are you my guardian angel since so long ago?

I can’t think properly today.

My mind is in a total mess. I’m so tired, of all the chasing and mind games.

I miss you.

Day 11, it’s getting worst. I start to miss you again. How? God, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that somewhere in my heart, she still plays a part.

I’m tired. Really.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Going to see my grandfather tomorrow. He was hospitalised. His condition worsened. I can’t bear myself to think about it.

I’m so ashamed of myself.

Why am I thinking and typing about you, when my grandfather is in hospital.. I don’t understand myself anymore.. I’m losing my bearings..

God, help me through…


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