Hey again.

Day 12 still.

Time is 2018.

WordPress is getting kind of laggy nowadays. Quite annoying.

I feel alive.

My grandfather seems to be okay, only for the fact that he’s a lot skinnier than the last time I saw him.

I don’t know what I will do without him.

He took care of me everyday during my childhood and younger days.

He will always wait for me outside my school after supplementory lessons in primary school. Even though my school was in toa payoh and he stayed in khatib. Right now, even as I type this, I can remember every single moment, each memory I recall..

My grandmother left as soon as I started primary school. I couldn’t remember much at that time. He was probably devastated.

My grandmother wasn’t your normal grandmother. I remember she smoked and drank and gambled a lot. Even though my grandparents didn’t get along well all the time, he still loves her a lot.

Still, they took care of me.

My grandfather is a very able person. Even in his 60s, he was still capable of cycling everywhere and even going around on his motorcycle. He knows how to fix appliances too. I think that it runs in our blood.

So many things change in just a mere 10 years time. I was 7 then, when my grandmother passed away. 10 years.

But things always changes, for the only thing constant is change. But we will never know if change is a good thing or not. Each moment goes into the past to make way for the next. And after that the next, and the one after.

Treasure your moments.

God bless.


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