Once upon a time.

Hello again.

How was your day?

I regretted scrolling too further down on Facebook. I saw your photos from yesterday.

It broke me, utterly.

Maybe you got over me and like someone else now. Or maybe you already did, for some time.

No matter how much I prepared myself, no matter how terrible the scenario I expected, I am still broken, again.

All I know is that I still miss you a lot. I never told you this, but I still keep our photo in my wallet, after so many months since our graduation ceremony. The one that we took together on that day.

You have a similar one.

Do you still keep it in your wallet? Or have you thrown it away even?

I can’t bear to take it out. It reminds me a lot of who I am.

You changed me.

Comparing myself then, and myself now, I can say that I’ve become a better person after getting to know you. And for the same reason, I won’t take it out. Because it is a reminder, to myself.

It reminds me of who and what I fight for. It reminds me of the need, to do things for the better end. Because even when we live in a world as corrupted as this, there are still people and causes worth fighting for.

And you. You’re quite a cause.

Today is 16 June, 2012.

11 months.

15 July, is our day. Would you still remember? Or am I the only miserable one struggling pointlessly?

It’s all that I can do to keep myself going, by letting out my emotions here.

Like you, and I, always said, only God knows. We will be meant to be if we are meant to be.

God bless.

And may God bless you too, my guardian angel.


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