Day 14.

Day 14.

2 weeks.

My will fluctuates a lot.

I feel myself being back to basic, back to square one again.

I told myself the same thing, over and over again. But I can’t calm my heart. Everytime I see your photos on Facebook, I’ll get worked up, or nervous. I don’t know why. I miss you this much. I can’t shut myself up. I wish I can.

I finished writing my notes. It’s been only one month or two? I don’t want to say goodbye so soon. But I know. We each have our own calling. And wherever God may place them next, it is for the better.

Sorry for the vagueness of this post.

I can’t be more specific and detailed yet. Not for now.

Will write more later.

Keep the faith, it is what keeps you going every single day.

With love and God bless.


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