Time now is 2341, of day 15.

I feel like sleeping, yet I don’t feel like sleeping. I’m typing this on my bed. I dozed off just now.

And here I am! Back at my WordPress.

I miss you.

I never ever told you how much you meant to me. And I probably will never get the chance again.

If its ever possible, I would want to go places with you. Places that we went, that had value to us. Places that we never went, that we can have even more memories for us.

But I know, its almost impossible now.

The days reek of nostalgia. Everyday lived just reminds me of you. And I wonder, do you think of me? I think of you almost all the time. I am utterly grasped by you now. There is no escape for me.

Neither do I plan to.

My brother lost his phone. And I was using the phone during the period of us. And guess what was on the phone when he lost it?

Our keychain.

Of all things to lose, the keychain went missing along with it. I gave you one, it was a matching pair with mine. I still have the “letter” though.

Ah great, now it reminds me of the letters we wrote to each other.

And now, I really have to wonder.. do you still keep the keychain? Do you still keep my letters? Do you still keep the things I gave you?..

Only my angel knows how much I miss her..

Sorry for the overwhelming emotions that accompanied this post. I needed to do something about what’s in my heart.

God bless.


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