Tick. Tock.


How was your day?

I had a great day today. Pep was meaningful, met people from SP and the other pep groups in TP today!

They said something very meaningful today. That, we as a pep group, have to spur each other on, have to encourage one another.

I think it can apply to us. But when I try, do you respond? I don’t know..

Besides that, of was mentioned that we as Christians are testimonies ourselves. What is the best proof for Christianity besides us? The world will look at our actions. And what, will your actions be?

Then there was street evangelism. I didn’t expect it though. And it was rather scary. Only that the person I shared to gospel to, was one of the people in the ministry, and was there to test us. I think its good though, they gave us good feedback.

So. Saturday. I asked Jolynn if we can go somewhere on Saturday. Like, an outing for the pep group. I cannot wait for that. Something to keep me going for this week.


Well oh well, you’re still on my mind. I will see what I can do about that.

Fear grows when man isn’t in control. When you control your fears, you will be able to control your being.

God bless.


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