This is day 17.

Let me get something off first. I am exasperated.

I was at Funnan Digitalife mall today, for some anniversary party.

There was a lucky draw. And I thought that to qualify for it, I need to complete 3 mini games. Thing is, there’s a queue for the mini games. And I don’t want to queue for it. So I just submitted my name.

There was 2 draws. 4pm and 8pm. I left at around 4pm. My friend was still there at 8pm. And guess what? I was selected for the 1st price for the lucky draw at the 8pm draw. I wasn’t there. Right.

It was repicked, a middle-aged woman was chosen. She was there on behalf of her son.

It was a limited edition keyboard, made just for the 1st anniversary. Worth at least $200 dollars?

Yeah. I don’t know what to say.

I tell myself that it’s something that God wants me to know. And something I really need to do.

No, not about lucky draws. But rather, always participate fully in things that you have started, see it to the very end. And you might just be surprised at the results.

Still, can’t stop thinking about it.

I really need to start on my projects soon. Going down to TP tomorrow to discuss for the CMSK project.

And this really reminds me of something really simple.

God uses every small and big thing in our life. To tell us something, to teach us lessons, to give us what He wants to give.

So. 17.

Trust me when I say that I still miss you. Only a few more days. I just pray that it won’t go wrong.

God bless.


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