A reason for our fight.

The real start of day 18.

On my way to TP now, for CMSK project. Well, can’t procrastinate anymore, got to start somewhere.

I see that nowadays there’s many things going on on the social media. One particular topic that caught my attention was the one with regards to Amanda Bieber, I believe.

I highly doubt that Bieber is her real name though. If you have seen her tweets, you will realise that her tweets are actually.. well, quite shallow.

Since she calls herself ‘Bieber’, I assume she is a fan of Justin Bieber. I won’t say that he is bad. I won’t say that he is good. It boils down to personal preference and opinion. I am a fan of the Korean girl group, girl’s generation, myself. I know what it means to stand up and fight for what you believe in.

But I believe that this Amanda is slightly overboard. She worships Justin Bieber so much as to the extent of saying that he is better than everyone else, such as Michael Jackson.

And she openly shares her opinion on Christianity, mocking it by saying many horrible things. One thing being why is there poverty and cancer, saying that Bieber donated money to help support the fight against cancer yet God still allows poverty and cancer to exist. A few other things such as saying that Singapore is in Europe.

Well.. it is something very real. That God allows suffering and poverty, it exist for a reason. I think I can give a simple reason.

Without enduring poverty, would you know how hard it is to earn money? Without poverty would you know how to value what do you have?

Without suffering, do you think you can grow? Imagine a life whereby everything goes according to plan. Its wonderful, is it not? But would you grow? When you struggle, you know what it means to live and fight for your beliefs.

Everyone else can openly bash her. But I believe that people like her, are exactly the reason why we do what we do. It just reminds me that the world is always in need of help.

While there is still a single soul wandering around without guidance from the light of God, I’ll fight.

God bless.


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