Today is day 18.

After I wake up later, it will mean the start of seriousness already. No more delaying and procrastination and playing. Going to focus and rush everything.

Now, I’m just sitting here and thinking about you.

I.. Really miss you a lot. I wonder why didn’t I treat you better then.. And why couldn’t we go on..

Many questions in my head.

And the truth is, as times goes by, you will slowly forget me. So much so that, I will just be another random guy in your past, your history.

Is it not sad? That sometimes, there are people who had such a history, yet are just two complete strangers now. Sometimes, we act as if we don’t know each other. But deep down, we acknowledge each other’s presence silently. Even if we walk past each other, without giving so much as a glance to the other person, can we truly ever ignore the other person completely? We can’t.

What is seen on the surface can betray what is felt underneath. Just like a calm surface can hide raging undercurrents.

Sometimes, I really wonder if me and her, if our friendship can be salvaged. I mean, God did put me in where I am right now for a reason. As for me and you.. It’s just saddening that our strength does not always come from where our heart is. God can give us that strength, but He knows what will happen. And if things doesn’t work out, our Father have His own reasons.

One day, when even you are able to walk past me and treat me like a stranger, that will be the day where I will lose my will to fight.

We fight for our own causes. And you. You’re a major cause of mine. You’re quite an anchor, a reason, a motivation. And I still have that song, written by me, just for you..

Love and God bless.

May my angel sings my song.


2 thoughts on “Eighteen.

  1. Be strong. You and her met for a reason,i believe so too. But till then,im sure she is still watching over you just like before 🙂 trust me,i know she is.

    1. I’m sure that there’s a reason, but it will have to take awhile to find out what is the reason. Thank you for the encouragement! (:

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