I’m still at TP. Going to leave soon maybe? It’s kind of chilly today, and windy as well.

CMSK project was decent. I mean, it’s kind of slow going, but at least something was decided more or less. Finished my quantitative analysis assignment as well.

I’m still here thinking of you. I want to do something big, something crazy, something major. Something that will make you remember me as someone totally different from everyone else.

I believe that I have already done a few things which you will never forget. But I want to do something, even greater, on a greater scale..

I already know what to do. But it’s not time yet. Still a few months early. But maybe I have to start asking around already. I hope that people will.. help out. I need them to help, otherwise it won’t be great. It’s going to be a step greater than my previous one. If I am still strong willed, I will aim even higher.

I just want to be different. That one guy, different from everyone else. Just.. Notice me again.

God bless.


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