Day by day~


I am in the glass office in church now! Waiting for worship to start!

Movie marathon was great, even though not that many people turned up. We played Iron Man and The Dark Knight. Dark Knight was great, but I guess I need to re-watch the ending, didn’t quite understand as I had to prepare stuff.

And then, we had a competition, to make ourselves resemble the Joker. So even right now while I am typing this, I have some face paint on me, which really makes me look like Joker.

Really hungry now, my sis went to help me buy food, cus I don’t think I want to walk around in public looking like the Joker. Just waiting for her to return with my food now!

So just now, there was the debrief with the fellowship ministry.

I mentioned one of the problems that I believe is very serious. That lesser and lesser people come to church regularly. To me, this is a very terrible problem. I mean, I believe that we ourselves have to be united, more or less, if we were to try and bring others to Christ.

Then, Yurong mentioned about people getting left out, or looking lost during church. I think that this is something that is of concern as well. Not just within churches, but in communities in general. There will definitely be people who will feel left out or out of place. So what can we do for them? How many people are willing enough to reach out and touch them( not literally ) ? Food for thought.

Terrible headache now, and I need food. Si Xuan, where’s my rice!

Will update more when I’m on my way back.

God bless!


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