How was your day today?

I spent today settling my projects and assignments. Not sure if it’s just me or not, most of the projects are relatively easy, just put some effort in it, not very tedious or what.

I’m slowly getting over the effect of realising the truth. It feels weird. It feels as if I’m going through a breakup once again. Fuzzy feeling. You know what I mean.

My head hurts like mad now. Maybe because I was looking at the computer for too long.

I thought about many things today, but nothing would stay for long. All of a sudden, life is just so.. empty. The project I’m doing is progressing at a slow rate today. Will need to ask around for help tomorrow at church again I guess. And about my ludicrously hard dream of changing the world, all I can say is to take things step by step and see where it goes. Now that lessons are starting next week, I hope that this emptiness will start to go away, and some normalcy can be restored again.

I feel tremendously emotional nowadays. I know that this feeling won’t last forever.

God bless.


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