You tell me.


I’m still here at church, going to leave soon I think? Eunice is stealing my food.

I was slightly late for service today, I wish I was here to listen to everything though, it sounded very interesting, the message today.

We always come to church, but do  we restrict ourselves just to our church? Every hour spent in church, you shouldn’t just restrict yourself to that hour. When we do leave the church, we have to remember to bring what we know with us, and use it in our life. And it is our own responsibility. Whether in cell groups or adult educations, resources are provided, they are there when we need it. But everyone is responsible for their own spiritual growth, is it not?

The youth and the children are growing day by day. And their needs are ever-changing as well. How do we combat the problem? Remember that evangelism is a personal action. The best way to evangelize is to live our own life as an example.

And the smallest action can have the biggest effect on others. This is a story I’ve heard. You can just bake a cupcake, and give it to your neighbour. We don’t need any reason to do it. If they ask why, the answer is simple.

Because God loves you.

Doing the smallest things for others can mean a lot to them.

And yet, have we ever done so?

If we can advertise our business, and products and social services and what not, why can we not advertise churches?

We are never here by chance. We are here and not somewhere else. Therefore, we start from here. Just here. The reason as to why we are where we are is because that we can do something right here.

And where we are. It is not our church. Churches was never about us. If God puts us in a place, it just means one thing. That there is something that we can do, that we can change.

And God loves us so much that He gives us the freedom of choice. He doesn’t force us. It is our choice. To do things right or wrong, simply our own choice.

And whatever happens, there is a reason for it.

God’s will.

Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

God bless.


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