Currently at ITAS now, just finished BPM lab lesson.

There’s people happy, there’s people sad. Mostly with regards to studies, whether is it academic progress, or undone projects.

Me. I feel terrible now, to be honest. Not for the any of the aforementioned reasons though. I don’t know what word exist in my vocabulary that can express my feelings now. A single word isn’t enough.

I’m getting many discouraging feedback, mostly from my classmates ( well done ), some just asking me to just drop the project altogether.

It is a long way to my target. But, I think it really will take a lot more than all this to convince me to drop the project.

They ask me why do I do it? I mean, some say that it will go unappreciated anyway.

Point is, I just want to make an effort. It will be my last try I guess. I don’t want any results. I just want to do it and that will be the end of it forever.

Sketchy topic for me I guess. It never fails to bring out the lashing side of me.

They were talking about eye candy just now. I saw my eye candy too, but it was a slight 5 seconds of awkwardness, just me staring at you and you staring at me. But, I didn’t even register that you were there. If I did, I should have waved or said hi. Just some form of recognition I guess.

There. I’m going crazy again. Sometimes, I think that my personality is too mercurial even for me. So much so that I can suspect my own sanity even.

I don’t know what to do now. The trustworthiness of others are steadily declining. It is getting harder and harder to trust others now. Society is uglier than a second ago. I’m sure many can agree with me.

I know for sure that the people in my church, those in the pep group, my secondary school clique and the friends I’ve known through Damian, only these few groups of people can be trusted indefinitely. My class? Tell me about it.

The smarter people are, the more devious they can get.

God bless.


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