Hey there!

On my way to TP now! Only 2 hours lesson, iHCI.

Last night. Many things were in my head, but its a pity that I forgotten a lot of it.

I was reminded that many things don’t go as planned. And that the many problems faced cannot be simply solved in just a snap of the finger. But many problems are solved only if the first step is taken.

And that’s the problem. First step.

Whether is it church cohesion or welcoming newcomers, everything requires the first step.

The need is strong, the need to do something about the situations everyday. We have to be united. Not just within a church, but as a community itself. Christianity shouldn’t be just restrained to the 4 walls of the church. It should be brought out and applied to daily life. What good is it to be grounded in the Holy Spirit but yet not living or sharing it?

To be the very testimonies ourselves. To show the world what God did for us, that in itself is already doing something for God. As said, if God is 1st, why should we hesitate to do things for him?

If we know the problem, then if we still do not do anything about it, then it is just nothingness.

Life is simple, but who made it complicated?

God bless.


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