Jolynn did something for me that I doubt I will ever forget it in my life.

It is on the issue of relationships.

And it is a good reminder, it reminded me of what I am supposed to be doing, what should I be concentrating on. If we are to meet people that we would be together with, then they must be people that we can spend the rest of our lives with.

If one gets into a relationship not to end up together, but for other reasons, then by all ways the relationship is a mistake itself.

To meet godly people, then we must be focused on God. Not focusing on God just to meet that person, but rather while focusing on God, we get chances to meet people. It is a chance. We all have the ultimate gift from God.

The gift of free will.

It is a simple but yet effective reminder for me. That all things happen by His hand and for a reason. And for that reason I know that all things will come to pass, that temporal gratification is but temporal. To work for the greater glory of His kingdom, that shall always be my main priority. So, girl, if you are reading this, know that I will keep you in my prayers. You will always be my friend, no matter what.

The person should be so lost in God, that the only way to meet her is to seek God.

And now, it’s 11:21 pm. Or 0021 KST. So, maybe you won’t know her, but I would like to wish Seo JuHyun a very happy birthday. One of my motivation to work  harder. Fighting! ♥

God bless!♥


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