We’re traveling on a bus.

How often do you see things that are out of the norm?

Not often, right? I mean, its called the norm for a reason.

Yet, doing something a little different might make someone’s day, will it not?

Imagine sitting on a bus. And a random person sits next to you. And the bus ride will probably be a few hours. What will you do?

Are you going to perform solitary confinement on yourself? Listen to your music and fiddle on your phone all the while?

That’s probably what most will do.

I had a random thought yesterday. What if, we actually bothered to strike up a conversation with them? Say hello and make friends for the trip’s duration? How many of you are able to do that?

Technology advances. One of the reasons is to bring people closer. Only that it ended up bringing people further as well.

Seeing people fiddling on their phones during social occasions is becoming a norm. Instead of socializing, we end up taking contact information just so that we can socialise over the internet and phones and what not.

See the irony?

Today for communication skills, one of the groups did some research on teen violence, and another social media. What caught my attention most was a part of social media. Censorship. I’ll talk more about it later. Tune in if you want to know more ~



Posting after days.

I’ve been relatively busy with life for the past few days. Felt like ages since I ever posted, honestly. I feel bad, as if I’m cheating myself because I told myself to be consistent about posting.

So, how was life for you for the past few days?
For me, it was relatively dry actually. Dry in many aspects you see. Feels as if I’m lacking motivation and drive.

Had a little talk with Chee Phang yesterday over dinner. He’s quite a nice person actually.

See, there’s people who make things changes, there’s those who let things change them. And some don’t want to be involved at all. They just want to live their life in their way.

I’m not saying that its wrong. Its not. Everybody wants to live life the way they want it, right? But not everybody will do it the right way. Sometimes the way they want it, isn’t the right way always. We all need guidance, to know how to live.

Because we sin so easily and unconsciously, it makes us a lot scarier.

What say you?

God bless.



Today is a beautiful morning, provided that you stay in the same country as me~

I wonder, nowadays, how many real friends can a person ever have? I doubt that it’s a lot.

But think about this, we say that others are fake, based on what grounds? That they are nice to people that they do not like? We can argue that they simply are able to grow up and tolerate the disliking for someone.

Its like society asking you to be yourself, and then they judge and hate you for it. Ironic, isn’t it?

Its things like this that really sit on the fence. There’s never a direct right or wrong. Simply a shade of grey. We probably need to hear the whole story before we can understand. And we can’t judge from there either, it is never up to us humans to judge.

God will do what He will do.

God bless.

In the midst of July.

Today is the 17 of July.

Time really flies.. more than half of the year is now over. And if I were to ask myself wwhat have I achieved, I honestly have no idea.

In terms of academic progression, I think I barely scratched the surface at all. I have no idea where I am going. I need to address this as soon as possible I guess.

In terms of relationships, well I guess its doing well. Some friends that i can really depend on in poly. I’m closer to my church people, family and my clique in secondary school. As for my love life, I’m able to put you down now and start something anew.

And my walk with God. It is getting better and better with each passing day. He has opened my eyes to things that I’ve been blind to. Realizations and enlightenment.

I don’t know what else is in store for me for the remaining half of the year. It might be a negative experience or positive ones. All I know I can do is to simply know that You are God, and give thanks for chances to grow and the good things You have done for us.

God bless ♥

Does Jesus really know your name?


Jesus Christ knows your name – He knows everything about you.  He died for you so that your soul can be saved.  He is the lover of your soul.  He loves you with his entire being.   He loves everything about you.  He knows your deepest darkest secrets and He came to save your life.   He’s alive and He wants to save you from your sins.


Do you want accept Jesus Christ in your life today?

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Context & patience


It’s sooo easy to judge without knowing the context.

This happens everyday to us and people around us.  We go to the shop to buy something and the person at the register is giving us a boring/killer look. That doesn’t feel good. We have multiple options: we can say “what a bitch!” and avoid as much as possible, we can go on understanding this isn’t the best day for her or we can even get involved in understanding why this happens. Anyone who has worked at a cash register can fit in the shoes faster. And so there’s empathy.

We go on daily, years in a row judging people for what they do because we don’t take the time to fit their shoes. Sometimes we are too busy, sometimes empathy is a thing from another world if you’re a more logical person.

The doctor has empathy for the doctor, the…

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