Worship 365


I already am on my way to school. Was too tired yesterday. All I wanted to do was to sleep, heh.

Yesterday night was great. Something to really think about.


I mean, don’t we normally associate it with music and songs and dance? The thing is, worship is more than just song and dance. Its also about the small small things in life.

To me, worship is in every aspect of life. How do you conduct yourself, even when there is no one watching. Especially when there is no one watching.

I think its a simple logic. What do we do whenever we gather on a Sunday morning? And what do we do when we scatter on a Monday morning?

If the answer to the questions are not the same answer, then something can be done better, is it not?

Worship is personal. Its only between you and God. Don’t let the judgment of others affect you. After all, we no longer belong to this world but of Christ.

Faith does not rely on human wisdom but on God’s power.
1 Corinthians 2:5

God bless ♥


2 thoughts on “Worship 365

  1. Well, it took me some time to realise that some things cannot be changed. God already knows who I will be with. So I am not worried. I am, to say the least, calmed.

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