And the thoughts you think in your head when you’re not even thinking.

Dear Abi |

I just finished uploading photos for my usual “Weekend in Pictures,” post and realized two things: 1. My life is pretty amazing, and 2. I sure do party a lot. Or at least that’s what it seems

Sometimes I wonder where the line between working hard and playing hard, and simply going hard and doing too much is. Is there a contingent that makes it warranted? I suppose it depends on what your definition of “partying” is. If being out having a good time with good people is “partying ,” well then you a bad girl and your friends bad too

Do I think I party too much? When I compare myself to people that are married with kids, yes. When I compare myself to 30+ year olds with kids hollering at kids on a weekly basis, no. Ultimately, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to anyone – period

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