Micaela Writes

Last time, I shared ways that you and I can add sweetness and joy to life, even when we are going through hardships. And the thought presents itself: “If only I had no trials and difficulties…..life would be so much easier then!”

Yes, it might be easier, but it would also be dull and we would never grow in our Christian walk.  God uses the trials–the bitter times–to draw us closer to Himself  and make us more like Jesus. The sweet times–the good times–would not be nearly as precious to us if we did not go through the bitter times.

When things are going well, we have a tendency to stop seeking God for everything. Yet during trials we lean on God constantly, drawing our strength from Him. When people go through trials and truly lean on their Savior, they come through it with a deeper understanding of Who God is and have…

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