Fool’s gold.

I don’t know why, but I had a random thought yesterday. Really random.

What if technology did not advance? What if we are still in the age of no iPhones, no smart phones? What if we are still living in the days whereby flying was still a dream and trains were still powered by steam? What if we still live in the days whereby we have no idea of the shape that the earth is in? What if we are still living like cavemen in prehistoric times? Would we be happier?

Without the problems brought by technology, by the need to be always a step ahead of others, how would be life like?

Imagine a world without cities. Everyone is still living in caves and just doing whatever they want. How would that life feel like?

We might never know. We have the luxury of technology, more than enough food, more than enough money. But are we happier than the cavemen of the past?

I doubt so.

So why? Why is it that now we have more, we want even more? Why is it that now we have even more things, we have lesser happiness?

How do you define happiness? Can you measure it? No. We can’t.

Yes, change will always happen. But sit down and think for a while. Are all changes good? Is the change in technology good?

We spend all the time we have trying to earn more money, or to do well in school. In school, we already strive to be better. After we enter the workforce, we strive to be better.

Good or no good?

What will you do to be better than your peers? In a dog-eat-dog world, in a world whereby the rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorer, are you able to survive?

You can say that it is a survival of the fittest. That it is natural selection.

But how would you like it if you are at the bottom of the chain? The golden rule: do into others the way you would want them to do into you.

A simple logic that many fail to understand. It is good to want improvement. But not at the cost of other things. If money is everything to you, then all I can say is God help you.

Only when all the plants and animals on the earth have died, only when all the water on the earth has dried, only then will humans realise that money cannot be eaten.

You tell me.

God bless.


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