Bread and Butter; the taste of ♥

Imagine your heart is a piece of bread. And your personality, actions, beliefs, actions, character, yourself is a spread. Imagine that it’s jam.

So your heart will be a piece of bread with jam on it.

And when you are together with someone, you put the two pieces of bread together. Your jam will go onto the other piece of bread. And the butter from the other piece of bread, will end up on your bread.

When you break up, the pieces of bread separates, but you will still have some butter. And they will still have some jam.

When you got together with another person, say peanut butter, you will get some of the peanut butter. And they will get some of your jam. But not just your jam, but some of the butter as well.

Able to visualise when I’m coming from now?

At the end of the day, when you will get married to the other piece of bread, it’s not just your jam and their butter. It will contain jam and butter and peanut butter and nutella and kaya, and whatever not. You will unconsciously adopt the behaviours of your lovers as well. So, would it be fair for the last piece of bread you will be with? Would it taste as good, with the mash-up of flavours?

That’s why, it is important to date to marry. If you just date for the sake of dating, then it’s pointless. You are just wasting your time. Why bother? Temporal gratification is temporal. Only for the moment. And even though it is important to learn to be in the moment, not all things can be enjoyed most by being in the moment. Some things are best when you are devoted to for life.

What say you?

God bless. ♥


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