July the 6th

I’m already on my way to TP. Relatively short day in school, but there’s SAY service at night, something to look forward to.

The days pass by so fast yet so slow. I really have no idea where I am headed to. I feel as if I’m just plummeting downwards, no idea of where and how I will land. Maybe I should take some actions that are more decisive in helping me to achieve my dream. The crazy idea of changing the world.

Anyways, going to take up a project with St John’s home. Design and develop a management system for them. Sounds daunting, honestly. But I feel that it will really enrich my time while I’m here. While I’m still considering where to go next.

And I really have no idea of whats going on between us. I feel as if you have something to say yet you’re not saying it. You know how scary that feels? It can mean a lot to me, it can change everything even. But say it, you will not..

Will check in again later when I’m heading to church.

God bless ♥


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