Greetings and salutations ~

How was your weekend so far? Yesterday was a long day for me. We went to visit Bronson at tan tock seng. He seems fine though, seeing how he is able to joke.

He had a lung collapse? Build up of too much air. Then his lung had a hole, so the air couldn’t escape correctly. So they inserted a tube to help remove the air. He seems okay though, but can’t walk due to the insertion.

When we went yesterday, he shared with us his experience being hospitalized for 2 days or so. He thought he was just doing a check up when suddenly the staff lifted his hand and drew a cross on his chest. The way he said it made us laugh. But I think its an indicator, that he’s well, nothing to serious.

After that, we went to find Mr ke at bugis. Had steamboat for dinner. We stayed there for a good 3 hours time eating. Then we headed to his house nearby to celebrate xian jun’s birthday and had some cake. I reached home at 2.30 in the morning? And I’m already on the way to church.

An incident happened yesterday while we were at the steamboat. The place where we had it, there was another shop beside, but that shop was crowded. So there was this group of people, around the same age as us, was eating as well. When the lady boss went to collect the pay from them, them claimed that they had paid the people beside and they asked them to sit there. Well, if you understand what I’m saying, then yeah. What happened next was that the police was called. I saw one of them going to check with the people next door. I don’t know how it ended though.

But really, if the people next door, if they were really conning them, come on. Cheating a bunch of teenagers for 50 bucks, seriously? Where has their conscience went to?

Reaching church soon. Post more later maybe?

God bless ♥


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