Before the night of Friday the thirteenth.


I’m at church now, feels like it’s been ages since I last posted.

I got this itch when I don’t post or write for too long. It’s like writing and/or posting had become an addiction, that I need to write once in a while. Be it a paragraph or an entire post, it feels really good just to be churning out words.

So, how was your day so far?

If it was great,¬†thank God, praise God for the wonderful day that you had! If it wasn’t as good, thank God that you did live another, thank God for the lessons and improvements that you had today. Whether or not it was a great or terrible day, always believe that the now you is better than the yesterday you. Because there is someone at this precise moment struggling and fighting just to live another second. There are people outside at this instance fighting for their very lives. So do cherish and thank God for all that you have.

Because God gives and takes, never too early, never too late. Whatever that had happened in this moment, God had let it be in this moment. Keep the faith strong!

God bless.


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