Poke in my eye.

Right now, I’m faced with a daunting task. I have no idea how to handle it though. No idea how to start, no idea how to finish. No idea aat all.

Fear comes in. Naturally. When we lose control of the situation, when things get out of hand, fears creep up on us from our backs.

I’m.. afraid, I admit. I have absolutely no idea how things will turn out. But the tempting decision will almost indefinitely yield negative outcomes.

And even if I am able to resist the temptation, things might not turn out as expected either.

Its true when some say that i have nothing to lose. But I simply do not know how to start.

And I can’t even describe the issue here. Discretion is important..

Just ranting I guess. Take a step and see how each one goes then.

God bless.


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