Posting after days.

I’ve been relatively busy with life for the past few days. Felt like ages since I ever posted, honestly. I feel bad, as if I’m cheating myself because I told myself to be consistent about posting.

So, how was life for you for the past few days?
For me, it was relatively dry actually. Dry in many aspects you see. Feels as if I’m lacking motivation and drive.

Had a little talk with Chee Phang yesterday over dinner. He’s quite a nice person actually.

See, there’s people who make things changes, there’s those who let things change them. And some don’t want to be involved at all. They just want to live their life in their way.

I’m not saying that its wrong. Its not. Everybody wants to live life the way they want it, right? But not everybody will do it the right way. Sometimes the way they want it, isn’t the right way always. We all need guidance, to know how to live.

Because we sin so easily and unconsciously, it makes us a lot scarier.

What say you?

God bless.


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