We’re traveling on a bus.

How often do you see things that are out of the norm?

Not often, right? I mean, its called the norm for a reason.

Yet, doing something a little different might make someone’s day, will it not?

Imagine sitting on a bus. And a random person sits next to you. And the bus ride will probably be a few hours. What will you do?

Are you going to perform solitary confinement on yourself? Listen to your music and fiddle on your phone all the while?

That’s probably what most will do.

I had a random thought yesterday. What if, we actually bothered to strike up a conversation with them? Say hello and make friends for the trip’s duration? How many of you are able to do that?

Technology advances. One of the reasons is to bring people closer. Only that it ended up bringing people further as well.

Seeing people fiddling on their phones during social occasions is becoming a norm. Instead of socializing, we end up taking contact information just so that we can socialise over the internet and phones and what not.

See the irony?

Today for communication skills, one of the groups did some research on teen violence, and another social media. What caught my attention most was a part of social media. Censorship. I’ll talk more about it later. Tune in if you want to know more ~



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