Just some thanksgiving.


I’ve been relatively slow about the updates for the past few days. Weeks even.

Life have caught up with me, and some priorities demand even more attention from me.

And now, I just want to thank God. I want to thank Him for the various small and big things in my life. That i have sufficient time for my projects, sufficient time to catch up with people that I haven’t seen in some time. I want to thank God for friends, old and new. I want to thank Him for the people in my life, big and small. And I want to give thanks, for you.

I realised that actually, I already have what I need. Basic necessities, enough time, enough money and enough friends. And I want to be grateful for you as well.

I’m starting to be fond of this person. Well, ‘starting’ seems to be an understatement. This person. But things are getting awkward, and its just so weird seeing her now and then. Weird as in awkwardly feeling weird. You know that feel.

Well, besides that, I just want to acknowledge the fact of how happy I am. This person who means the world to me. This one friend, this one soulmate of mine. Who had been with me for as long as I can remember. I don’t know what I am and what I will do without you. Shi yin, thank you.

To give thanks and praise the Lord always. Through times good and bad.

God bless.


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