Love life...

Every afternoon I am entertained by my constant visitors. There are Grade 3 pupils who come to my office almost every day to have some little talk, write on my Tree of Learning, and help me with my so-called arts and crafts. Most of the time it’s chaotic – the little voices that seem to bounce on the walls, the cute arguments filling the room, and all the me!me!me! talk all at the same time – but interesting. I get fond of looking into what they’ve written on the Tree. (This tree invites students to share what they have learned in life; the papers they post there always start with “I’ve learned…”)

This afternoon, one girl started talking about crushes. Hahaha! Yes, at age 7-9, they were seriously talking about crushes. So instead of doing some paper works, I decided to stop and listen attentively to the flow of thoughts…

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