Being a clean bread.

Greetings and salutations. I’m posting again!

I just finished my presentation for the module, Fundamentals in Business Information Systems.

Wasn’t too bad, though we took up a little bit too much time, so much so that we ended early. Luckily, the only slides that were chopped out were 4 slides at the end, 2 ending slides and two of mine. Not too bad if I may say so myself.

So. I’m pretty sure that you have seen one of my previous post, about bread and butter. If you have not, then do check it out here!

Continuing from there, imagine this other analogy. Not just having all the peanut butter and jam and butter, imagine this.

That at the altar, when you will say ‘I do’ to your significant other. Visualise behind you, if you’re a guy, a line of girls who are all your old flames. Imagine then going up to your spouse, one by one. Then they all say different bad things about you. They might say,’ He cheated on me!’ ‘Don’t be with him, he is a rotten person.’

Are you a clean piece of bread?

How would your spouse feel?

In reverse, what if they were talking to you about your spouse. How would you feel?

There are somethings that we should do, some that we should not. While there is no definite guideline as to what is right and wrong, what we can depend on is our moral compass.

But even compasses can be spoiled and be inaccurate. How then?

The Lord is unchanging. The same God that was mentioned in Genesis, the same God that created Adam and Eve, the same God that created the universe, the same God that sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins, the same God that is mentioned in every single book in the Old Testament and the New Testament, is the very God that we worship today. He never changes, and He is always with us. Need I say more?

Always refer to His Word. The Bible is not just any book, but it’s the Word of the Lord. And if you are in need of advice, or help, or anything, there is definitely some verses in the Bible which can be applied to your situation.

And this is how much He loves us.

John 3:16


For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever that believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Is that not good enough for you? I’m sure it is.

So why worry, if it seems that no one loves you? You don’t need a lover, God loves you more than anyone else can. I hope that’s enough for you. It’s definitely more than enough for me.

I feel that this song, is very meaningful. The lyrics speak out to me a lot.

And yes, I know. It’s the first time I’m actually talking about videos.


God bless.


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