Dedicated and loss.

It has been a long time. A long weekend, even though each day had the same 24 hours as any other day.

My grandfather had passed away on the Saturday night.


I don’t know.. He was very close to me, akin to that of my parents. He took care of me when I was young, fetching me home from school after remedial lesson during primary school. I still remember the things that he said, things that he taught me, things that I did with him.

Gone. Gone as the days did.

I regretted not spending more time with him, though I want to thank God for letting me make it in time to stay with him as he moved on. It was peaceful, to say the least. The only regret he could ever have was that he did not spend more time with us.

I can’t stand it. The funeral wake was over today. Seeing his body after all the make up and cleaning wasn’t as bad. Always, it’s the smallest things that cut me the most. I just couldn’t bear to hear people say,’The things he left us.’ Or,’Last time he used to..’ I just couldn’t.

I should just keep it short. Thank you, for everything.

And if I had never say it before, this is it.




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