Passive Emotions.

If i was ever confused, I know now I no longer am.

To you my love is true. Truth is, I had never been able to put you down. You just mean so much to me.

I didn’t like yesterday. I was really looking forward to meeting you today. And now we can’t, possibly never now, never forever.

I will miss you, as always. But I know its time to let go, completely. You’re happy the way it is. I probably had never appeared in your thoughts at all, while I think of you every day. I’m sorry I said that I’m over you, when i already know I’m not. When i already know I never can.

Thank you, for being there all the time..

Me. I’ll just try my best to forget you then, if its possible.

I knew I’m a goner for you on the 15th of July of 2012. You had me caught in the moment. Pray that the moment won’t lock me forever. I need the key..

So Shi Yin, Heidi, my dear frover…



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