I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. Because I always post while I’m on the bus and nowadays I’m so tired I sleep on the bus instead of posting, hah.

So how did God bless you in your life so far? I digress I thought I wouldn’t survive this week, with all the things on going and the stabbing pain of finishing things with you.

I realised that somethings drag on for forever, we never know if it is good or not. It might he harming us more than we thought iit would, but we are clinging too hard to realise it.

I am someone who is very paranoid of losing people, someone who is rather clingy at tines if i may. I don’t like people leaving me. It might be my low self esteem when it comes to relationships.

I’ve lost people who meant a lot to me since young. And that taught me to treasure the moments I have with people.

That reminds me.

I still think of you more than I should. I wasn’t kidding when i said that I couldn’t forget you easily, if at all. Its not easy for me to put others down. Trina was one thing. But you..

You’re someone who meant more to me than she did. I really really really cherish what we had. Call me naive if you will, but I feel that you’re the one. I feel that things won’t just stop here.. I feel that there’s still many pages of us left in the book. I just feel it.

I miss us so much.. I miss you even more.


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