I feel so crazy now. I still can’t forget you. I miss you so much, the feeling seem to have intensified a lot more. Not good, Tona. Not good.

There’s an event happening next Friday at church! Running man event! Am fairly excited about it, though I feel as if that there is still something that we lack in terms of planning. Something feels missing!

Next Friday 31 August! Do be in church by 7:30pm, we do recommend you to meet up as a cell group and come together! Will be great cus everyone can have dinner and no one will be late, see?

Will post more tomorrow. I really miss you, too much. It caused me to stop functioning properly.

I realised that the lack of attention span nowadays was caused by you. Because I just ended up thinking about you, even if I tried to stop myself.

So yup.

Now and always.

God bless.


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