Shards of a mirror.

Stormy weather here today. Despite the dampness, I don’t feel dampened at all, surprisingly.

I love rainy weathers, to be honest. While others might love rainy weathers because its great for sleeping, I love rainy days because somehow, I seem to be always cheerful on rainy days.

I was reminded today of many small things. And something that had a bigger impact on me was the fact that no matter what happens, some things still longer on.

I don’t mean anything spectral but rather I’m talking about emotions.

For countless times, emotions have been seem as an attribute of the weak, being soft hearted.

Emotions linger on, almost forever, I realised, regardless of the time elapsed and the events that occur in between.

Now, truth be told, it is something that can consume or destroy a person.

To be consumed by its entirety means to be on the brink of self-destruction. To be broken hearted means to have your will stripped away most of the time. And inadequacy of willpower isn’t exactly healthy.

But it can be a positive spurring as well. The will to fight for something. The engine, the drive, the push towards something.

And many times I have been absorbed by it. Honest. I still remember that time, the day after the breakup with Trina, we had to prepare for some exhibition for my CCA. That entire day I felt listless, without purpose, drifting to wherever the winds may blow me.

What good does it does anyone? It doesn’t. Just waiting your own time to allow yourself to be devoured by those kind of negative experiences.

Its been almost two years since then. Perhaps I know more now than I do. And really, sometimes the solution to a problem doesn’t exist anywhere but inside of you. The key to the door was in our possession all along. But who was too blind to reach for it?

The mirror can break, but I know that its not enough to break ourselves.

God bless.


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