Right now.

Greetings and salutations.

How was your day? Today was rather tiring for me, I guess!

I was thinking about some of the issues I have recently, and I talked to someone about it. But she’s not really feeling well, so hopefully we can talk about it more tomorrow, when she is, hopefully, feeling better.

But see, it reminded me of Screwtape letters by CS Lewis.

Ming Hui gotten me the book as a Christmas present last year. It was a book that, really, had gotten me thinking. There was a particular aspect that struck me.

About living in the past, the present and the future.

Before that, maybe something about the book. It’s about the conversation between two.. demons? Negative entities? One of them being a younger, the other older. So Screwtape here is the older one, writing letters to Wormwood. The book only shows the letters from Screwtape to Wormwood, who needs help with condemning the soul of this man.

So, about living.

People can live in the past, but it’s pointless. The past is already frozen. What is done is done, it is set in stone. No amount of thinking or no kind of action can change the past. It is done, over with.

While others, mostly, would live in the future. The thing about living for the future is that, you are too focused on things that are in the future. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not bad to plan ahead. But rather, by living in the future, you are not focusing on the things that are in front of you. Man will always tend to live in the future, because the past is frozen and the present is already happening. Man will always want to shape his own future when God had planned everything already. Am I making sense?

But to live in the present, to live in this moment, is to be truly alive. Forget about the worries and cares of yesterday and tomorrow. Well, not totally forgetting everything, but sometimes, don’ t you feel that the perspective is wrongly placed at times? Today is what we know for sure that we have. Tomorrow may or may not come, that is a question of faith. For whatever is it that you do, faith will be needed. In varying amounts, but it will be needed. What if tomorrow doesn’t come? What will you do?

That’s a total thing in itself. I’m not even sure if what I am saying is correct, or if I am making sense or not. Doesn’t matter.

A lot of things stopped mattering to me, now that I’m constantly shifting my focus. But no matter how fidgety your eyes maybe, don’t ever let your faith shift from Jesus. He is the center of all, our anchor, our cornerstone, our savior, our redeemer, our king. That is a simple truth, it is a constant.

God bless.


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