This is for a friend of mine.


I am surprised.

Tiffany came to church yesterday for Sunday’s main service.

I think I am, to say the least, pleased I guess. One being that yes, Tiffany is quite a friend to me, regardless of whatever others say or think. I am really glad that she’s my friend. I am glad to see her again after so long. It’s been a year I think? I don’t know, time gets blur to me for that period of time because of a girl. But I digress, it’s kind of my fault that we aren’t as close as compared to last time. Yes we are quite close then, to the extent of having one or two stories. But yeah, it’s my fault I guess. Seems like everything is always my fault. But still, I’m grateful that today I can see her again, talk and play with her like we used to. It’s kind of nostalgic. To hear her kind of giggle and laughter again. I pay too much attention to all these details. I realised that I miss some people who used to be in my life.

Second being that yes, she’s attending our services again. Maybe she does still go to other churches, I don’t know. But I’m glad that she came. I hope that she can come to church as per normal again. I really hope so. It gives me hope. It reminds me that even if someone had stopped coming after very long, there will always still be a chance for them to return still. It really reminds me that even if people leave, there is always a chance for them to return. So Tiffany, in the event that you are reading this, I hope you will join us again for cell groups and normal services. I hope you will..

I hope, that the chance for your return is high..

Until next time then.

Keep your heart strong, keep your faith even stronger.

God bless.


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